Unlimited mobile internet (eSIM)

No roaming with your phone subscription? No problem!

With the exclusive World Congress offer, you can take advantage of unlimited mobile internet with 50 / 25 Mbits down- and upload speed throughout Switzerland! You’ll surf on the Sunrise mobile network offering the best coverage, mostly with 5G, for just CHF 25.

If you choose this option, your eSIM card will be activated within a day after your purchase and you can use it till 25 November. You will receive a QR code which you can use to activate the subscription on your smartphone with eSIM. There is no physical SIM card, which makes it easier for you to switch to your usual mobile provider for the duration of the World Congress.

This offer is only available for smartphones that are eSIM-compatible and do not have a SIM lock.

You will receive a separate email with the registration code in the following hours after buying the ticket.

ZVV Ticket for public transport

ZVV and SBB sell tickets for all local transportation including buses, trams, trains and boats. For just CHF 6 per day, you can take as many trips as you like in zones 110 and 121 – that includes the whole city of Zurich, as well as Altstetten where Swiss Life Arena is located, and all the way to the Zurich Airport.

These tickets are available:

- Ticket 1: Valid from 11-13 November (3 days) for CHF 6 per day (total of CHF 18)
- Ticket 2: Valid from 14-19 November (6 days) for CHF 6 per day (total of CHF 36)

Once purchased, you will receive the ticket as a PDF which you must print and carry with you at all times while using public transportation during the World Congress. Unfortunately, an electronic copy will not be valid.